About Triumph Commerce International SARL

Who we are

We are a Moroccan company created in 2012, based in Tangier. Our Main profession is to import and deal out high quality food equipment’s. We are also having exclusive brands from European origin. Our Business is built to satisfy the Moroccan B to B market through direct marketing, and B to C Market through our developed, computerized and easy to use e-commerce website. All of our products are certified or passed the food national and international tests. Welcome to our website and please feel free to drop us some lines for more information.

Our strengths

We are exclusive importer and distributer. Young, dynamic and modern leading structure. International norm quality certified product’s. Based on customer satisfaction in B to B and B to C markets. Our customers and suppliers are our partners. We offer very suitable prices comparing to the best product quality. High qualified sales force based on team work organization. Dealing with potential distributers to generate quick turnover rotation. Optimal storage management to fulfill our customer’s various requests. Fully integrated and computerized management system. Meaningful investment in exhibitions, sponsoring, advertisement and social network.

Our strategy

To lead the Moroccan market new innovative products.
Being and keep being at the top of the market concerning our quality, service and advanced products.
To keep enlarging our sales force team and coach them vis-à-vis the new products and technology.

Our Skills

New product sourcing
E-Commerce B to C
Direct Marketing B to B
Dealing with potential distributers
Advertising and Sponsoring

Loved by over 3,500 people worldwide

in spite of our main business of importing and reselling various range of high quality kitchen equipment’s, we are fascinated in serving our customers by our meals in special events, weddings, parties, birthdays and all professional or domestic events. We do import kitchen equipment’s that we use also for serving our customers with high level of care and personalization.

We provide all the needed material for special event sphere such as, decoration and lighting, tables and chairs, sound system, catering service, candy bars and many related original party equipment’s.

What we can do for you

Kitchen Equipment’s

Product Sourcing

Events and Catering

Decoration and Place Managing

Our Business

Our strategy toward our customers is based on win-win relationship, we are the customers of most of our customers. We have faith in mutual relationship as a key factor of common success.

We always offer special prices for our trusty customers, we listen and achieve their needs constantly.

pack bleue

A culture of fun

Meeting persons, being open minded and enjoy sharing great moments with our partners and customers are the main parts of our business culture. We don’t accept to offer virtuous products or services based on theoretical marketing database !

  • Our business is a part of our lifestyle.
  • We do appointment and listen to our customers and partners at their locations.
  • We do participate and expose in most national biggest exhibitions to meet the market needs.
  • We do visit international fairs in order to stay connected with all market news and innovations.


Triumph Commerce Int.




Mariage de l’orchidee


Iya Candy

Dear rule breakers, students with excellent notes in high school
who escape from class, we want you:

Sales & Operations

sharp and detail oriented people with an appreciation for sales and communication.

Social network & Marketing

creative who think outside of the box and know how to use both sides of the brain.

Design & Graphics

Passionate graphic designers with a love of originality and great designs.